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What is SugarCube

The SugarCube™ is an all-in-one solution that makes high-quality, high-resolution digital recordings of vinyl pressings using SweetVinyl’s™ proprietary software. SweetVinyl’s technology includes automatic LP metadata identification, user-selectable click and pop removal, and novel front-panel push-button USB recording – the modern Hi-Res digital equivalent of the cassette tape deck for the vinyl lover.

How it Works

SugarCube connected “inline” with stereo

- or -

SugarCube connected via Aux In/Out



  • Front Panel USB media recording
  • Selectable line-in and computer USB inputs
  • Bypass mode to disengage digital processing
  • On-board headphone amp and volume control
  • Built-in 192/24 bit Hi-Res ADC and DAC
  • Integrated real-time digital click and pop noise filter
  • Automatic metadata tagging: song, artist, album
  • Ethernet, USB, and HDMI, digital interfaces
  • Front panel displays song, artist and album
  • Supports any combination of external ADC, DAC and phono stage

SugarCube App for iPhone/iPad and Android


SugarCube App: control screens


  • Control the digital recording including format and sample rate
  • Lossless audiophile formats: FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF & DSD
  • Adjust the headphone level from the app
  • Easily control the Click & Pop Filter functions remotely on the app
  • Control the degree of click & pop removal
  • Listen to the cleaned music
  • Listen to the raw input, or
  • Listen to the just the clicks (to be sure no music is harmed)

SugarCube App: information screens


  • Display currently playing artist, song and album
  • Smart software accurately determines actual vinyl album info
  • Knows sides, track names and lengths from the vinyl LP
  • Transfers all information to a text file for use with popular
    vinyl LP recording programs on Mac and PC
  • Displays interesting artist pix with song name
  • and many more useful remote functions


How do I hook it up?

The SugarCube Model SC-2 connects after your phono pre-amp or via an aux in/out selection on your pre-amp/controller.

How do I connect the app to the SugarCube?

Just press the ‘Pair’ button on the back panel and follow the simple steps on the app screen.

Can I connect to my laptop to record vinyl LP’s?

Connects via back panel USB connector and appears as an ADC and DAC to your computer

Do I have to do this every time I turn it on?

No, just once.

Can I use SugarCube as my DAC / headphone amp for hi-res downloads?

Absolutely, record to your computer or playback any digital music file from 192k/24bit down to even mp3

Can I use the app even if I don’t have a WiFi network?

Absolutely, the SugarCube has its own network built in.

What if I already own a DAC

Not a problem, just plug it into the SugarCube and your personal computer/music server sees your DAC as if it were directly connected.

What is the maximum resolution of the digital audio?

192k/24bit in current model

Our Team



Likes sheetmetal, plays guitar, races cars, listens and learns – our serial entrepreneur gunslinger – helping to take SweetVinyl from concept to reality.



From being a roadie for John Mclaughlin, to flying planes, building technology to listening to vinyl – Leo is the center of SweetVinyl. Ever a polymath and fluent in many topics including patents, DSP algorithms, music and physics – he is always thinking.



Roger takes caffeine and music and purifies it into code that runs the SugarCube. A master of all things programming. He dances too – EDM that is.

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