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How do I hook it up?

The inputs to the SugarCube Model SC-1 and SC-2 are “line level” and require an upstream phono preamp compatible with the phono cartridge in use on the vinyl playback turntable. In some high end systems this will be a standalone phono preamp audio component feeding the SugarCube and the SugarCubes output feeding an Auxiliary input of the audio system Source Selector. However, on most audio systems an available set of Tape Monitor connections is a perfect approach. Just select Phono on the audio system Source Selector and engage the Tape Monitor when using the SugarCube to route the signals appropriately.

How do I connect the app to the SugarCube?

Just press the ‘Pair’ button on the back panel and follow the simple steps on the app screen.

Do I have to do this every time I turn it on?

No, just once.

Can I use SugarCube as my DAC / headphone amp for hi-res downloads?

Absolutely, playback any digital music file from 192k/24bit down to even mp3.

Can I use the app even if I don’t have a WiFi network?

Absolutely, the SugarCube has its own network built in.

What is the maximum resolution of the digital audio?

192k/24bit in current model

Does SC-2 have a disk drive or internal storage for recorded albums?

The SC-2 does not have internal storage. It provides a USB 3.0 interface to connect any size of USB attached storage and Ethernet to save files to a NAS drive or media server.

Is album metadata automatically associated with the sound files? Does SC-2 allow for, or require, manual manipulation of metadata?

Yes – it is automatic and to some extent depends on the digital format you choose how that will work, however we will the user manually enter or adjust the metadata and approve it before it is finally written to a file.

Are International power supplies available with different voltages than the standard US 110/120 VAC?

Yes the SugarCube requires 12 VDC to the back panel which is supplied by an external transformer. We ship standard a 120/240 VAC unit that provides 12VDC and has IEC connector that can accommodate a variety of cords.

How does the recording process deal with start up noise, i.e. does it automatically remove and/or truncate lead-in groove noise?

The first release does not remove any groove or surface noise as we have been careful not to damage or alter any vinyl sound that would also have an effect on the music – we will be offering an additional package to do this as a software upgrade package as shown in the video – the pricing will be reasonable and will need to also have some tools to do lead in, lead out noise reduction and some ability to operate on surface noise in a non-destructive manner.

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