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The SC-1 Plus’s flawless Click & Pop Removal process benefits from the latest algorithm updates with version 2.0 software and SweetVinyl’s Noise Reduction (SVNR) software that provides up to 8 dB of background noise reduction with little to no coloration of the musical content.

The iOS and Android apps and web interface provide remote control of Click & Pop and SVNR reduction and full ‘Analog Bypass’.

The SC-1 Plus transparently removes noise from records or tape and provides hours of enjoyment from previously unplayable media in any collection; SVNR is particularly effective with 78’s and tape.

  • 2.0 Click & Pop Algorithm
  • SVNR Surface Noise Reduction
  • 192K/24bit A/D-D/A
  • Refined analog path
  • Improved power supply
  • Full Analog Bypass or Bridging
  • Adjustable Click & Pop and SVNR
  • Click & Pop Removal Monitor
  • Gold Plated RCA Interconnects
  • Front Panel Pairing Function
  • iOS, Android, and Web Apps
  • LCD Front-panel Display
  • New Front Panel Bezel
  • USB WiFi Adapter
  • USB-A and USB-B ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • USB WiFi Adapter
  • TOSLINK and SPDIF outputs
  • Full Component Size
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Available in Black and Silver

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