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The SC-2 Beta’s flawless Click & Pop removal process benefits from the latest algorithm updates with version 2.0 software including SweetVinyl’s Track Splitting and Metadata Tagging Software. The iOS and Android apps and web interface provide remote control of Click & Pop removal and full ‘Analog Bypass’. Advanced track splitting and metadata functions work in a web browser.

The SC-2 Beta has a front panel USB 3.0 Port for transferring digital recordings of your favorite LPs and a headphone amp to monitor the recording process.

The soundstage is virtually indistinguishable when engaged or in ‘Analog Bypass’.

The SC-2 Beta provides hours of enjoyment from previously unplayable vinyl records in any collection, while creating digital copies in virtually any format.

  • Integrated 192K/24 Bit Digital Recording Platform
  • Web Browser Track Editing
  • Front-Panel Pushbutton Recording
  • 2.0 Click & Pop Algorithm
  • 2.0 Track Splitting and Metadata Tagging
  • 192K/24 Bit A/D-D/A Processing
  • Full Analog Bypass
  • Adjustable Click & Pop Removal
  • Click & Pop Removal Monitor
  • Gold-Plated RCA Interconnects
  • iOS, Android, and Web Apps
  • Graphics Front Display
  • Integrated High-quality Headphone Amp
  • USB-A 2.0 and 3.0 Ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Full Component Size
  • USB WiFi Adapter
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Available in Black and Silver

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